October 21, 2014

Down in the dumps.

Hey guys, whoa sorry for the complete radio silence over here! It always feels like just as things are starting to settle down, something crazy happens. It's been that kind of week. We're sorry to abandon ship, our heads are too full to bust out a blog post. It would be easy to post some random post just for the sake of it, but our hearts wouldn't really be in it, and you wonderful readers deserve more than that. Not to worry though, we are going on our trip to Thailand next week and are going to relax and regroup. We're excited to share photos and updates with you guys, and then once we return, things are going to change around here. Until then, we're probably going to be a little M.I.A, but please bear with us!

Normally I'm fully packed approximately 3 weeks before I leave, but I've left things a little to the last minute this time around. Good thing is, there's not really much to bring!

On the bright side, I did have time to thrift a few gems.

I feel like these last two photos really sum up my last few weeks.

XO, Erin

October 14, 2014

Emily G.

We are excited to share with you (for the second time now!) Emily G! Emily G is a handmade women's clothing line from Brooklyn, NY.

Meet the lovely powerhouse behind the clothing line, Miss Emily G! Designer and seamstress Emily Geanacopoulos has been producing everything in the line herself since 2008. Her designs are vintage inspired but have a fun and modern sensibility to them. Drawing inspiration from 1960s fashion from London and Paris, Emily creates truly unique limited edition items of clothing for women that aren't afraid to stand out and have fun exploring their personal style.
To shop Emily G, or to follow along, find her work right here:

To sweeten the deal, Emily is offering our readers 
25% off with the code LOVELY25

October 10, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving weekend!

Woop it's Friday yet again, and it's Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada! The shop is closed on Monday so we're taking our long weekend and running with it-off to the country for me for multiple turkey dinners! We hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving, and if you didn't already know, we're pretty darn thankful for you guys. 
What a pretty photo. Love that coat.

Well doesn't this look inviting!?

Omg, this pear, bacon and blue cheese pasta looks to incredible.

I couldn't have put it better myself. On that note, I'm outta here.

XO, Erin

October 8, 2014

Shop 'til ya drop!

Our apologies that things have been a little quiet around these parts over the last couple of days but we have been busy at the shop doing a big overhaul of our backroom and getting ready to leave for our trip in a few weeks! Man, is it just us or is October really flying by?!

We do have some good news for you guys though... while working late at the shop last night we discovered a bunch of hidden gems and adorable pieces hiding in our storage room, so tomorrow we are doing a big update of our Instagram shop @thelovelycloset!

We will be posting about 20 pieces tomorrow afternoon and we will be updating the shop once a week every week before we leave so be sure to keep checking for new additions! If you aren't already following us please take a peek tomorrow at our shop @thelovelycloset.

Alright, time to go get the pieces prepped! Stay tuned lovelies! XO