August 29, 2014

Rainy Friday.

Holy smokes, another week has come and gone, and it's really starting to feel like Autumn is creeping in. It's been rainy and pretty dreary around these parts but we're hoping the sun shows its' face a bit more yet this Summer. As much as we love Fall, we're not quite ready for it yet. Well, we hope you have a wonderful weekend everybody!

Daria is a total bombshell.

Another good saying.

This map of the known universe is pretty cool.

Another recipe from "What Katie Ate" that looks picture perfect.

August 28, 2014

It's (almost) sweater weather.

The temperatures have gradually started to drop here in Winnipeg so we have already started doing a little bit of fall window shopping, as much as it pains us to admit that summer is coming to a close. Here are a few cute knits and light jackets that are very versatile and that we think would make excellent additions to your autumn wardrobes:
Purchase these items at TOPSHOP here:
(clockwise from top left side)

August 27, 2014

Hornsea pottery love.

We've been collecting Hornsea pottery for years now, and as much as our kitchens have changed over the years, these pieces seem to somehow always stay current. Hornsea pottery has been around since 1949 and was started by two brothers in England. The pottery really took off in the 70's, and we love how the simple designs look timeless and some of the pieces even look like they were made recently!
I love the simple lines and colors of these stripes pieces.

This Springtime horsea piece has sold, and we can see why!

This vase is so simple, but so lovely!

I love the 70's look to these ones.

Ack! These patterns are incredible!
You can buy a set of the blue raindrop salt and pepper shakers here.

I think that I need this spice set in my life. 

I can't decide if I like the brown or this green set better!?

August 26, 2014

Exterior envy.

Sometimes it is nice to judge a book by it's cover:
 How adorable is this little pink cafe with the most suiting name?
I've always dreamed of having a house with an exterior covered with green vines, but this cottage takes it to the next level.
Built right into the side of a cliff, how is this even possible? You are absolutely breath-taking, Verona, Italy.
 I am rarely one to daydream about winter time, but this open concept cozy cabin is looking pretty idealistic right now.
Saved the best for last... take a peek at this cat shaped school in Germany! My childhood dreams just came true!